Your company has a heart. ‘Tis the season to show it!

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Your company has a heart. ‘Tis the season to show it!

Have you seen the Publix or Kohl’s holiday commercials this year? If so, did you tear up or at least smile? If not, bah humbug!  We think both of these companies have done an stellar job with emotional marketing through their holiday ad campaigns.  They realize that we are all emotional beings with a need to connect emotionally with other human beings.  They also realize that the vast majority of our decisions are made based on emotion, not rational logic.


By showing the heart behind their companies and products, they are able to connect with their target audience on a personal, emotional level.  No one wants to be seen just as a consumer or means to an end for a company’s bottom line.  Companies always benefit from trying to connect with and serve their customer instead of just trying to sell.


Just like any other relationship, a company needs to know who they are first.  What is the heart and story behind the company? Then,  the company needs to be a good listener, paying attention to the needs of their customer to see how they can connect.   Lastly, the company needs to follow through on the connection made…continue to “date and woo” the customer.  If the heart and story is genuine, it will be evident in the relationship and experience the customer has.  For instance, the heart that Publix portrays in its commercials is reflected and backed-up with the experience customers have in the store, warm and personal efforts to serve.


How is your company connecting to your target audience? Are you clearly communicating the heart and story behind your company or product?


Go ahead and tug on some heartstrings.  ‘Tis the season!





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