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The Blog of L.O.V.E.

book artWhile we may not know “who wrote the book of love”, we are writing a blog of love to help you shoot an arrow through the heart of your business relationships.

L.O.V.E.: Listen, Offer, Vow, Engage. These four words can help build the bond between you and your target audience, creating LOVE.

Whether it’s a friend, spouse, or colleague, always remember to listen first. Keep in mind, you have two ears for listening and one mouth for talking. Allowing yourself to hear your target audience will help establish a foundation for communication. Through this connection, your business can discover the needs and desires of your beloved customers.

Offer innovative concepts and approaches. Offer integrated ideas. Offer a variety of content to keep them interested. Having the ability to stay fresh and current signifies your efforts to keep the customer satisfied and ultimately strengthens your connection.

Whether it relates to marriage or a business, a vow of trust, loyalty, and dedication builds a lasting relationship. Visualize long-term goals and adjust your approach to adapt with customers’ varying needs. By actively communicating with them, you are promising consistency. This is the true sign of love.

Be sure to remember that love is not only listening, it is taking those words and putting them into action. Sometimes the smallest things can turn into the biggest things. By simply responding to a tweet or asking them to be friends on Facebook, you can demonstrate your efforts to engage with them.  This small task shows that they are not only important, but valued by your business.

By following L.O.V.E. you will not only show your target audience you love them, but they will fall in love with you.


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