Spring Cleaning: It’s not just for dust bunnies

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Spring Cleaning: It’s not just for dust bunnies

Retro-Vintage-Ads-Altered-Bitch-style-473Time to put away those winter clothes and spring into Spring! Springtime is not only a good time for some planting and cleaning, it is also a good time to refresh and revamp your marketing for your clients and target audience. This is the prime time to set new goals and renew your strategies and overall marketing plan. Take a little time to do some inventory and perform some “Spring Cleaning” to freshen up your brand by looking at your website, marketing materials, and anything else that might need a little Spring love! Out with the old; in with the new!
There are many events occurring during this season that marketers can utilize to their advantage: Spring Break, Spring festivals, fresh landscaping, etc. Marketers can point out that the frigid wintery months are ending, and the sweetness and sunshine of spring is upon us! The warmer weather is such an important aspect of this season change. People are ready to get up and out of the house, so having special deals to bring them your way can ignite a little excitement after the winter hibernation. You can also “plant some seeds” by using popular spring themes, motifs, and colors in advertisements, or even make it known that your company is going “green”. There are many ways you can promote this: actually planting trees or flowers, hold a benefit to support the environment, use “green” materials in your business, or even send out envelopes of seeds to existing/potential customers to signify the growth of that relationship…cheesy, but memorable.

Springtime is the perfect to let existing customers know how important they are and hopefully grab some new business along with some sunshine! Keep it fresh!

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