Oh, Snap! The Other Side of Snapchat

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Oh, Snap! The Other Side of Snapchat


by Aashka Chaudhari

With technologies evolving at an unspeakable rate, it is often hard to keep up with media platforms that best reach your target audience. In fact it wasn’t long ago when Snapchat was simply a low-key tool that allowed users to share racy pictures with their friends, seemingly risk free. Today Snapchat is one of the most talked about social media platforms since Facebook, and boasts a value of a whopping $10 billion. But what exactly does this application do?

Snapchat provides a communication platform which caters to the average millennial who fights an internal battle each day to overcome the incessant need to share every second of every day with their friends versus running the risk of regretting the decision in years to come. Snapchat helps overcome this dilemma by providing a platform that allows users to share content with a limited life span through personal chat or on their “snap story”, which exhibits the clip to the user’s friends for 24 hours and then disappears permanently.

Now, the question is, how can brands tap into this network and reach one of the most lucrative demographics in the market. While there are no clear cut directions for businesses to market their brand on Snapchat, a few big name companies like Taco Bell, the NBA, and Mondelez/Sour Patch have paved the way for implementing creative and cost effective advertising campaigns within the application. Mondolez and Wet Seal are taking advantage of all the features Snapchat has to offer by hiring smaller-scale celebrities from Vine and YouTube to handle their Snapchat accounts and act as brand ambassadors. Other techniques that have also been known to work include contests, exclusive content sharing, coupons, and targeted videos. Because Snapchat content has only a limited lifespan, it is very important for brands to have a secure yet highly distinctive creative strategy, because “a brand is only as good as its last snap”.

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