Like it or Lose it

Like it or Lose it


by Danielle Runnals

Facebook has not only changed the way that people interact on the Internet but also in daily interaction. As it has attracted millions of people to connect, it has also created a platform for businesses to promote themselves. With the potential to increase brand awareness, these business-promoting platforms go underutilized when companies do not engage in interaction and feedback with their followers.

Some may ask, “Is it beneficial for my business to be on Facebook?” The answer is, “Yes!” Free promotion is always beneficial, but as a business, you must interact with your followers.  Businesses on Facebook today are unfortunately competing for attention among user’s family and friend’s updates, oddly relate-able BuzzFeed articles, and life-enhancing blogs.

It is better to not be on Facebook than to have your company presented in an under-achieved manner.

The key to promoting business on Facebook is to overdo the presence that you hold. Encourage your followers to “like” and comment on your posts. A simple way to do this is to encourage audience participation: share an image of your current project or product and ask your followers to let you know what they think. On a weekly or monthly basis, promote interaction for a chance to win one of your products or services. Give your followers a reason to interact.

As a business, make audience interaction your number one priority on Facebook. Leave your heavy endorsements to your LinkedIn page and focus on the human aspect of your company. Let followers and customers get to know your company through a relationship. Facebook is intended to be social; so socialize. Take advantage of the resource of relationships that Facebook has supplied for your company. You can only meet consumers’ needs by talking to them.

Facebook has an algorithm called EdgeRank, which sorts posts in users’ news feeds. Mostly impacting marketers, understanding of EdgeRank can greatly benefit a company’s presence and interaction on Facebook. There are three factors that make up EdgeRank and marketers control two of them.

Affinity is the company’s relationship with its users and it means that the amount that your users interact with you as a company, determines your priority in their news feed. Last Actor determines your user’s news feed priority monitoring the last 50 interactions they have made in a day. If a user likes or interacts with your page within 50 interactions in the same day, you are more likely to show up in their news feed in the following posts that your company posts, compared to other users that they also follow.  Weight is the priority that EdgeRank gives to your company’s post, and this is based on your content. Posts with photos and videos gains top priority, then links, and lastly, plain text. The more posts your followers see, the more you have increased their brand awareness. This results in increased business and utilization of your services.

Your main goal as a company is to get your users to interact with you so that even when your post is a couple days old, and they have not checked their Facebook, your post will still show up on the top of their newsfeed because it has remained relevant to them based on their past interactions with your posts. This is called Story Bumping and is solely based on the relevance of your content towards your followers.

Take advantage of the free platform Facebook is allowing your company to stand up on. Keep your content constant and current. Do not let your content go to waste and disappear from news feeds. Turn your perspective to looking at Facebook as a relational tool and it will in turn become a promotional one as well.  Encourage interaction, and let your business reap the benefits of relational promotion!

How can you better interact with your customers and target audience through Facebook? Get creative with how to make them Like you, so you don’t Lose them!

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