Instagram: Holding a Brand in the Palm of Your Hand

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Instagram: Holding a Brand in the Palm of Your Hand

scotchy scotch scotchby Stephanie Wood

Who said Instagram is just for posting pictures of your dog, that unforgettable sunset, or the new pair of shoes you just bought? This rapidly growing and wildly popular social media platform is taking the marketing world by storm. Instagram has the potential to build and strengthen brand awareness, as well as engage specific target markets by sharing a simple photo in a memorable and authentic way.

The mobile application allows for visual storytelling from a brand’s point of view in place of an average advertisement. Followers of Instagram accounts are likely to obtain a more artistic view of a business through these photos, while getting a sense of a company’s personality. Whether you own a small boutique in town or the hottest restaurant in the city, Instagram can provide a platform for you to connect to any particular customer base.

Ben & Jerry’s utilized Instagram to promote its latest ice cream flavor: Scotchy Scotch Scotch. Managing the frequency of the sponsored posts led to an extremely successful marketing campaign, as Instagram ensured that Ben and Jerry’s 9.8 million followers saw ads from the company three times on average.

“Since its launch, Instagram has provided us with an amazing platform to connect with our fans and tell our story visually. Ads on Instagram let us reach and engage with more fans about our flavors, fun and values,” Ben & Jerry’s Digital Marketing Manager, Mike Hayes claimed.

By combining social media and photo sharing, businesses have the opportunity to invite their followers to engage in exciting contests, update them on current happenings and even offer exclusive benefits. The overall convenience and simplicity of this tool is key, as followers essentially hold brands in the palms of their hands.

Is your brand ready to let Instagram do the talking?


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