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EasterHippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way!  Bring on the CANDY!

What candy do you hope to find in your Easter basket?  Giant chocolate bunnies? Jelly beans? Peeps? If you don’t get enough in your basket, you can always join the 81% of parents that steal candy from their child’s basket.  With Easter being the second best-selling candy holiday, there are unlimited amounts of options to choose from. Thanks to the 80% of Americans celebrating this holiday, confectionery sales are estimated to be 2.26 billion dollars. That’s a ton of Peeps and chocolate bunnies!

With so much demand for sweet treats around the Easter season, brands are creating unique and clever strategies and opportunities to stand out on crowded shelves.   Popular brands, such as Reese’s, have done a great job reaching this sugar-filled market by altering their products and packaging to fit holiday themes. By taking their already successful peanut butter cup and transforming it into an egg-shape, they created the ultimate Easter candy. Not only was the delicious candy shape altered, but the packaging was modified as well. The “normal” Reese’s orange packaging is now designed with the shape of an egg placed on a bright yellow background. Three colorful tulips are also displayed on this candy wrapper to further build the theme. These small alterations make a huge impact on consumer buying behavior because they relate to their lifestyle and current events. Other brands have also used this strategy:  pastel colored M&M’s,  “Mini Robin Egg” Whoppers and even Nerds now offers “Bumpy Jelly Beans” to fit this holiday theme!

Enjoy your sugar high and find new inspiration for branding and marketing during the holiday seasons!

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