Red Ryder BB Gun Brand ImageWow! Santa’s job has really changed over the past few decades! Where his elves used to spend all of their time building toys straight from the list of good boys and girls, they are now busy shopping online and taking advantage of free shipping. Gone are the days where lists were filled with generic ‘toy cars’ and ‘little dollies’, kids are now brand specific. Thanks to advertising, in-store placement, and smart marketing efforts, our little ones are already becoming brand savvy. This young generation is tuned in to the products they love and are as loyal as they come. Thankfully, Santa has had time to adjust his methods since this isn’t actually new news, we all remember Ralphie asking Santa for a Red Ryder BB gun.

This is a good lesson as to why branding and marketing is so important. The brands that are making the lists to Santa are loud and proud, and not afraid to tell us all why they are a must-have under the tree.  What brands are making your list this year? 

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